Government Affairs

Now - more than ever - it is critically important that resource development proposals be aligned with Government policies and priorities to “rebuild better.” Projects must provide economic and social benefits and be planned and executed in a way that satisfies the expectations of important stakeholders including all levels of government.

PMO Global's expertise is truly global. Our Government Affairs Team is able to guide you through today’s increasingly complex requirements that come from all levels of government and all types of lenders. With practical experience gained from operations in North America, Africa, Asia, and beyond, we help hundreds of companies draft policies, apply for grants, surpass regulation requirements, and influence legislative frameworks. Our goal is to help you win the approvals you need for your projects.

Strategic, Innovative and Experienced

The PMO Government Affairs team has overseen the approval and execution of major projects in many jurisdictions, including Canada, Africa, the Far East and in the former Soviet Union. This is the kind of experience that matters when you’re faced with jurisdictional challenges. Navigating governmental complexities can be faster and produce favourable results when supported by PMO’s strategic processes and innovative approach for securing approvals, accessing grants, and communicating with governmental bodies.

Government Relations and Planning

  • Project Liaison - Organize, Facilitate, and Participate in Stakeholder Meetings with Government Representatives
  • Identify Critical Issues for Regulators and Stakeholders
  • Develop Strategies, Training, and Plans to Address Critical Issues
  • Provide Formal Assessments of your Project’s Regulatory Roadmap – Identify Key Participants, Stakeholders, and Regulators

Strategic Plans and Document Development

  • Prepare, Review, and/or Revise Regulatory Submissions and Major Project Applications to Ensure Approvals are Received in a Timely Fashion
  • Prepare Government Relations Plans and Develop Principles and Processes to Ensure Constructive Communications between Projects and Government Stakeholders
  • Draft and Develop Applications on behalf of Governments of Developing Countries Seeking External Funding from International Agencies
  • Draft and Develop Legislation and Initiatives Related to Climate Change for Governments of Developing Countries and Act as Advisors on Implementation
  • Act as SMEs for Lender’s Requirements, including IFC and World Bank
  • Advise on Project Implementation/Verification of Requirements

We service the following sectors:


Film & Television



Lenders, Banks



Oil & Gas



Experienced Guidance

Our global experience and hands-on approach are what give PMO’s Government Affairs division its reputation for excellence and professionalism. We start with your company’s vision, core values, and current policy statements, then build strategies that reflect your goals in a favourable light in order to gain the government and lender approvals you need for your project. We have earned trust over the years by working ethically and responsibly with governments and stakeholders throughout Canada, the Middle East, China, Africa, and the former Soviet Union.

Ed Caldwell BSc B.Eng.
Government Affairs Lead
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