Process Safety Engineering and HSE Support on Major Heavy Oil Extraction Project

PMO was engaged to provide risk management expertise on a major heavy oil extraction project. The services were focused on safety in transition from construction through C&SU and into Operations.


Northern Alberta


Major Natural Gas producer


Process Safety Engineering, HSE (Risk Management)


Facilitation of risk assessments across all project areas for “safety in transition”. Development of PHA reports related to the safety in transition risk assessments. Facilitation of all risk assessments related to the evaluation of commissioning procedures.


This was a major project with many areas of operation (utilities, primary extraction, secondary extraction, mining). Each area of operation was managed independently and involved different processes, and EPC contractors and company personnel.


The transitional phase on a major project from construction to C&SU and then over to operations is often a major risk area for personnel safety. PMO’s services provided oversight into the risks related to safety in transition.

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