PMO Provides Support on Major Railway Project

PMO worked with a consulting firm to provide process safety engineering support to a major railway company for the transport of liquid fuels.


British Columbia, Canada


A professional consulting firm working for a major railway company


Process Safety


Regulatory Support, Bow-Tie Analysis, HazId, Consequence Assessment


The proposed facility will receive shipments of petroleum products (premium / regular gasoline, diesel, and ethanol) and transfer these products to petroleum products storage tanks. Ultimately, these petroleum products will be transferred to outbound trucks for further distribution throughout the region. Due to the versatility of the facility, there are several additional risk causes (human factors, technical causes, and natural causes) and variations to be considered due to the different types of petroleum products being shipped.


PMO was able to provide the consulting firm with subject matter expertise they needed within a tight timeframe. The reporting and insights generated by PMO allowed project personnel to make more informed and risk-based decisions and ultimately reduce the risk to public safety associated with the project.

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