PMO Enhances Security Management for BC Oil & Gas Construction and Marine Operations


Our goal is to provide the client with a robust security program that safeguards their investment and ensures compliance with BC regulatory standards. This entails developing tailored security management programs for both the construction phase and marine operations, meeting federal and provincial requirements. Additionally, we aim to seamlessly integrate construction security measures into operational protocols and establish strong partnerships with key external stakeholders for comprehensive security oversight.


British Columbia


Oil & Gas




  1. Development of a security management program for the construction phase, tailored to site-specific needs and regulatory standards.
  2. Creation of a marine security program to fulfill Marine Transportation Safety Act obligations.
  3. Ensuring smooth transition of construction security infrastructure and procedures into operational security protocols.
  4. Establishment and maintenance of collaborative relationships with key external partners including Transport Canada, RCMP, Coast Guard, and local government agencies for effective security coordination.


Experienced security professionals were seconded to site supervision and project management levels to ensure comprehensive oversight. Program and policy development encompassed corporate and construction domains, addressing critical areas including drug and alcohol management, contraband interdiction, consequence management, access control, site security procedures, and contractor compliance assessment. This ongoing process aims to establish a robust security management program tailored to the project's needs. Positive feedback from external partners underscores the effectiveness of our approach and validates our commitment to security excellence.

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