PMO Develops Realistic Emergency Scenarios for Improved Readiness in Yukon


A Canadian territory enlisted PMO to develop a lifelike Wildland Urban Interface incident scenario, finely tuned tothe region's unique features, resources, and hazards. The goal was to enhance emergency readiness through immersive Emergency Coordination Center (ECC)Training and Tabletop Exercise.






Emergency Management


  1. Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) Training and Tabletop Exercise: A comprehensive training session and simulation exercise designed to hone decision-making, communication, and coordination skills in response to a Wildland Urban Interface incident.


PMO prioritizes immersive experiences to replicate real-world emergency scenarios, nurturing vital decision-making, communication, and coordination skills. Our approach encompasses tailored ECC training sessions, meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of the Province, City, and other stakeholders. We employ a diverse toolkit including presentations, discussions, real events/case studies, and interactive questioning to engage participants effectively. Drawing from industry best practices and past emergencies, we foster an environment of open communication and collaboration, maximizing learning outcomes. Training and Exercise objectives are meticulously outlined, with scenario injects prompting critical decision-making and enhancing Incident Management understanding. PMO facilitates post-exercise debriefing and produces an After-Action Report, ensuring ongoing enhancements in Emergency Management for the client.

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