PMO Conducts Fire Consequence Assessment for Local Oil & Gas Producer

PMO conducted an assessment to identify the worst-case credible fire consequence(s) and define the likely extent of the damage for each, based on PMO experience and expertise in fire response and investigation and to advise client on any potential improvements to the design or operation to reduce the risk of fire, either in terms of prevention or reducing the potential damage.




Intermediate Oil & Gas Producer


Emergency Management


Audit, Risk Assessment activities that included a review of documents, interviews, and site observations. PMO met with Client Insurance Representative.


The initial request was to conduct the assessment to support client efforts to right-size their business interruption insurance.  However, PMO identified significant risk / vulnerabilities with credible impacts that included a complete loss of the facility and potential catastrophic impacts to the entire corporation.


PMO validated the client’s good emergency management practices, and exposed significant vulnerabilities and credible worse case impacts. PMO findings were reviewed by operations management and shared with senior executive. The client’s focus changed from right-sizing their business interruption insurance to minimizing risk exposure and potential impacts. PMO provided a prioritized list of recommendations a roadmap to manage risk and improve preparedness. PMO continues to provide guidance on implementing the roadmap.

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