HSE Support for BC Flood Emergency Response

PMO has been engaged to provide boots-on-the-ground HSE support  for project planning and execution of debris cleanup from the BC floods


Merritt, BC; Princeton, BC


Major EPC


Health & Safety


HSE Staffing


A PMO client was engaged by the government to begin debris removal along major stretches of the Coldwater and Nicola rivers that were deposited during the 2021 BC flooding event. In addition, damaged bridges required demolition and removal. Major First Nations stakeholders and contractors also played a major role in the cleanup project. Hazardous materials as well as working-in-water present major risks to be mitigated in collaboration with PMO.


PMO was able to mobilize quickly to the work site and participate in site assessments via helicopter. A project risk assessment, safety plan and review of contractor safety management systems was thoroughly completed.

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