HazID Program for BC Flood Cleanup

As our scope of work in the BC Flood Debris Cleanup continues, PMO has been engaged to develop HazID’s for multiple work fronts in Merritt and Princeton


Merritt, BC; Princeton, BC


Major EPC


Process Safety Engineering


Hazard Identification (HazID)


The removal of flood debris, including cars, petroleum tanks damaged bridges, and potentially contaminated material by heavy equipment and manual labor has the potential to become a high-risk scope. All of these activities must be conducted with the direct participation of several First Nations partners. The client and PMO recommended HazID’s be developed along with risk registers for each removal project front in order to ensure that all parties agree on what risks are present and how they can be mitigated.

A full-time senior risk specialist has been stationed at our clients base of operations in Merritt to develop these HazID’s and coordinate with construction, HSE, First Nations, and environmental stakeholders to develop holistic risk reduction programs for each work front.


By developing HazID’s in cooperation with representatives of First Nations Partners, the Prime Contractor (PMO client), and PMO HSE, and other stakeholders, the project team was able to identify hazards and develop mitigations that all parties could agree to. This allowed the multiple work fronts to continue in their efforts to remove dangerous debris while working safely and protecting the surrounding environment.

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