Effective Environmental Monitoring for LNG Projects


PMO undertook the consolidation of environmental monitoring obligations for a significant LNG venture in British Columbia. Diverse monitoring requisites, spanning air quality, soil conditions, groundwater levels, wildlife habitats, noise levels, and other environmental facets, were scattered across multiple references including impact assessments, permit applications, and stakeholder commitments. PMO's mandate was to meticulously compile and synthesize these requirements into a unified plan to guide monitoring activities throughout the construction phase.


British Columbia


Oil & Gas




  1. Environmental Monitoring Plan: A comprehensive document outlining the scope, methodologies, frequencies, and responsibilities for monitoring various environmental parameters throughout the project's lifecycle.


Leveraging our wealth of experience in environmental management and impact assessments for large-scale construction projects, PMO embarked on a methodical approach. Our Environmental Lead meticulously curated and consolidated all monitoring requirements, establishing a centralized database encompassing criteria, frequencies, and necessary competencies. Collaborative review sessions with the client and stakeholders ensured alignment. With the database finalized, PMO crafted a robust Environmental Monitoring Plan, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and project-specific needs.

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