Covid-19 Management

The COVID-19 pandemic forced governments and companies around the world to rewrite their health and safety processes. As a global community, we have learned the importance of every company’s obligations to reduce transmission and keep their personnel safe while remaining in compliance with legislation and medical directives.

At PMO Global, we have devised a comprehensive approach to COVID-19 management, including development of Management Systems, return to work plans, supervision, testing programs, and custom processes for scheduling, notifications and required action. Above all, our system ensures ongoing safety as workers return and resume daily activities with protocols in place for their health protection.

Reducing Transmission, Ensuring Compliance​

Focus on the business while we take care of pandemic logistics. Our COVID-19 team is experienced in developing safety protocol and management systems. We remove complexities so that you can efficiently roll out your company’s return-to-work plans, testing programs, scheduling, reporting, and notification processes.

Management Systems / Documentation

  • Development of Return-to-Work Protocols and COVID-19 Guidance Documentation
  • Training / Orientations for Returning Workers
  • Hazard Analysis / Risk Assessments
  • Positive-Case Response Plans

Technology / Applications

  • Daily Check-in / Questionnaire
  • Test Scheduling / Coordination
  • Resulting and Notifications
  • Workforce Dashboards

COVID-19 Testing (RT-PCR)

  • Health Canada Approved Lab Partners
  • Group/Worksite Specimen Collection
  • Private/Home Specimen Collection
  • Test Scheduling and Coordination
  • Results notification
  • Positive Test response and Contact Tracing

COVID-19 Staffing/Consulting

  • COVID Safety Coordinators/Monitors
  • Temperature Checks / Entry Screeners
  • Senior HSE/COVID-19 Subject Matter Experts
  • Regulatory Specialists

We service the following sectors:


Film & Television



Lenders, Banks



Oil & Gas



Comprehensive Pandemic Preparedness​

PMO’s COVID-19 team is on the ground providing COVID-19 management to major projects around the world. Our experience all comes together here – we have custom training tools and management systems, health and safety experts, regulatory compliance specialists, a dedicated risk management team, plus our emergency management advisors. One company, one solid approach, bringing you peace of mind through this fully comprehensive program. Take a breath, we’ve got you covered.

Chris Bazant
Senior HSE Specialist / Film Division Lead
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